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Knicks news: Michael Beasley got his truck stolen from his driveway

So apparently, the second an NBA player finally starts to speak up asking for more respect, they get the exact opposite.

Michael Beasley, the second overall pick in the 2008 NBA draft, recently had the unfortunate reality play out where he was car jacked from his very own home.  The 28-year old Kansas State-product tweeted about the incident.

Fortunately, it seems Beasley is taking the situation lightly, as he immediately sent out another tweet saying the whole fiasco was pretty hilarious.

This lost truck may actually be a bigger detriment than Beasley anticipates, as he recently inked a deal with the New York Knicks, so moving day will probably be more of a hassle without a truck. Sure, Beasley probably has the funds to replace his Dodge Ram 1500 (he may as well get a better truck), but it’s the principle that matters.

Don’t steal from one another. Even if you think that person doesn’t need whatever you stole, it is a sign of disrespect and shows you are not willing to work for the things you want in life. Hopefully whoever stole the truck is scouring NBA articles that covered the theft. The culprit is probably proud of what they did and the commotion they caused, but they’re just slimy and grimy at the core.