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NBA talent evaluator thinks Knicks shouldn’t sign Kevin Durant

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According to a story by Marc Berman of the New York Post, the New York Knicks might be better served not focusing on an injured Kevin Durant this offseason.

After months of rumors regarding KD moving to the Big Apple to play in Madison Square Garden, the team’s plans and the history of the NBA were forever altered when KD ruptured his Achilles tendon during Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Toronto.

His team, the Golden State Warriors, won that game, but at what cost? KD went down, and then, in the next game, Klay Thompson also suffered a devastating torn ACL that will also keep him out for much of next season.

In Berman’s story, an unnamed NBA talent evaluator expresses the idea that signing Durant to a long-term deal might not be the shrewdest decision, since there is simply no way of knowing how he will return from such a difficult injury.

“I wouldn’t do it,’’ the NBA talent evaluator said in Berman’s piece. “It may look good now, appear they had it right [he was coming] until the injury. But it’s hard to justify all that for maybe one good year. By the fourth year, I can see people wondering when will he come off the cap.”

Those are certainly harsh words, but they have the ring of truth. Of course, the counterpoint to that is the fact that Durant has not been particularly injury-prone in his career. His most injury-shortened year prior to next season was the 2014-15 season with the Oklahoma City Thunder.