Knicks news: New York scouting Collin Sexton among other prospects at SEC Tournament
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Knicks scouting Collin Sexton among other prospects at SEC Tournament

Collin Sexton

The New York Knicks have fallen flat this season currently sitting at a 24-43 record in the Eastern Conference, and are also on a 7 game losing streak. While the team may or may not be embracing tanking at this very moment depending on who you believe, it’s clear their eyes are set on the future.

Eyebrows were raised when the team sat veteran point guard Jarret Jack for the season, especially when the team’s star player Kristaps Porzingis is out for the year. Jack was replaced by younger players such as Emmanuel Mudiay who lost his starting spot in Denver, and Trey Burke who found himself in the G League before finding himself back on an NBA team.

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Some still believe in the’ rules are meant to be broken’ theory, and while no team has indicated that they are embracing losing for a chance at a better chance in the next NBA Draft, the league has implemented Anti-Tanking rules which are set to begin next season. That means teams have one last crack under the current set of rules to gain positioning due to losing.

This will all mean nothing if the Knicks don’t gain a high draft spot, but they are preparing nonetheless as scouts were reported watching one of the NCAA’s top prospects in the March Madness tournament last weekend.

Collin Sexton, Alabamas’s versatile 6’3 guard won’t last long in the NBA Draft, and no matter how many point guards the Knicks currently have on the roster, there seems to be room for one more. Collin Sexton not only has a never quit attitude but the tools to succeed on both sides of the floor to back it up with an incredible motor.

The question this raises is if this is giving us insight into the teams thinking, which would imply there is little doubt the team is not satisfied with the current backcourt situation, which also means more changes are coming.