Knicks rumors: New York views DeAndre Jordan as recruiting asset for Kevin Durant
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RUMOR: Knicks view DeAndre Jordan as recruiting asset for Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

The blockbuster deal that the New York Knicks recently sealed appears to have served a double purpose.

As for one, they now have the cap space enough for two max players. Second, DeAndre Jordan — one of the players the acquired from the trade — is seen as a key element in luring Kevin Durant who will be a free agent in the summer.

The two go way back. Durant served as Jordan’s recruiting host when the latter visited the University of Texas.

Though Jordan eventually chose the other Texas team (Texas A&M), the two remained close and even vacationed together in Greece after their successful 2016 Olympics campaign.

In the same year, Durant was a free agent and considered signing with the LA Clippers due to Jordan’s presence. In the end, as we all know, Durant inked a deal with the Golden State Warriors.

But Durant acknowledged his unique friendship with Jordan, citing the commonalities in their careers:

“I think that’s what we kind of had in common,” Durant said after signing with the Warriors, per Stefan Bondy of the NY Daily News. “Him going to Dallas and then having second thoughts about wanting to stay here around the people he grew up with, wanting to stay with this organization.

It made us get to know each other better and having things in common as far as work related. It helped having someone that could relate to what I went through.”

As it’s turning out, the Knicks’ deal was way more strategic than it looks. Most fans were appalled that they let go of Kristaps Porzingis, undoubtedly their best player in recent memory.

If all goes well, a Jordan-Durant team up might ensue.