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Kyrie Irving says he owes no one bleep in terms to staying in Boston


Many eyes around the NBA are already fully focused on what could happen in the coming offseason. There are many working parts up in the air, such as an inevitable Anthony Davis trade and multiple star free agents-to-be, including Kyrie Irving. After telling fans in Boston that he planned to re-sign prior to the start of this season, he made sure some of his opinions regarding his free agency very clear.

In all honesty, Kryie is right. Even though he has been open about intention to stay with the Celtics long-term, he doesn’t owe the franchise anything if he decides to pursue a title elsewhere.

The Boston Celtics traded for Kyrie Irving in the 2017 offseason following a trade request from Irving. However, Kyrie outlined four specific teams he would like play for, with Boston being absent from that wish list. His time in Beantown has been largely positive and given little sign to a desire to be elsewhere on part of Irving.

He missed much of the second half of the season in 2017-18, but the young Celtics fought their way to game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. The team has had its share of struggles, just as Irving has had his own back and forth on his role as a leader for the team, but they have still found success.

The possibility of Kyrie remaining with the Celtics is still a good one, especially with each passing day that Anthony Davis doesn’t get traded. If Davis is still available come summertime, the chance to partner with the young star may be enough to make Kyrie stay all on its own. However, with the New York Knicks opening up enough cap space to bring in two max free agents in the offseason, Irving isn’t short of options by any means.