Lakers news: Alex Caruso wants to support black teammates
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Alex Caruso doesn’t want black teammates to be alone in their fight for justice

Alex Caruso, Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Alex Caruso is ready to stand by his black teammates in their fight for racial equality.

As part of a recent interview with The Undefeated, Caruso noted that this fight cannot be won the efforts of black people alone. The Texas native says it is a battle that requires unity from all people — no matter their skin tone:

“This is something that Black people can’t do on their own,” the Lakers talent told The Undefeated. “This isn’t something where they can wake up and say, ‘You know what? I’m just grinding, being an activist and talking to so many people and it’s going to get done.'”

Like many other NBA players are choosing to do, Alex Caruso has been wearing unique nameplates on the back of his jersey throughout the bubble campaign, such as “Black Lives Matter.” His teammate, LeBron James, wore a unique T-shirt ahead of Monday night’s game against the Jazz. It featured a stopwatch, which was stopped at eight minutes and 46 seconds as an homage to the late George Floyd.

Caruso isn’t the only white player standing up for this cause in the NBA. Milwaukee Bucks sharpshooter Kyle Korver has also worn a Black Lives Matter nameplate on the back of his jersey.

“I see it as a small way to stand with all the people across the country fighting for equality,” Korver told The Undefeated.

The Lakers talent is right. Activism is great, and it’s hammering home the message of racial injustice. However, this fight for racial equality is a battle that cannot be won alone, and it won’t happen overnight. It’s 2020, and it’s time for all men to stand as equals.