Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso has provided a detailed scouting report on new teammate JR Smith. It’s not about his basketball game, however, but instead, Caruso has focused on just how good a golfer Smith turns out to be.

Speaking to Anthony Slater of The Athletic, Caruso described Smith’s impressive acumen in the game of golf:

“J.R. is good, man,” claims Alex Caruso. “He told me he had a 4 handicap. I think he shot an 80 today, but he missed a couple putts, four or five putts that were burning the lip. But he impressed me. The pace on his swing is something I’m envious of.”

One of the attractions the players are allowed to utilize are the golf courses within the Disney World complex. They actually have some of the country’s best courses, including the Magnolia Course, which has already hosted a couple of LPGA events in the past. According to Caruso, this was the course where he and Smith recently played in.

When asked about Smith’s driving game, Caruso continue to talk up his teammate’s outstanding skillset.

“He’s just solid,” the Lakers talent added. “Um, I don’t think he smashes it super far. He probably hits it a bit further than me. But he’s just consistent. I told him sometime early on the back 9, I was watching him swing and I told him I was jealous. He has great tempo on his swing. That’s the hardest part about golf — staying consistent.

“He’s been playing for a number of years, plays a lot in the summer. He told me he played 100 rounds last summer.”

For what it’s worth, Smith was unable to secure a deal with a new team this season prior to signing with the Lakers a few weeks ago. Perhaps he was too focused on improving his golf game, that he put his basketball on the side a bit.