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Lakers star Anthony Davis’ 1st reaction after heated fight with Dwight Howard

Lakers, Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard

Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard get into a heated exchange during a timeout in the second quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Phoenix Suns. While it is unknown what happened that led to the minor shoving incident, the two still had to be separated by their teammates in what was an absolutely bad look for the Purple and Gold.

However, it seems the two have cooled their heads and patched things up moments later. According to Mark Medina of NBA.com, Howard extended a high five to Davis during another break and the All-Star big man reciprocated it.

Tempers flared up between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard after the latter seemingly snubbed the former when heading to the bench. Davis approached Howard after he sat down, and it was when commotion ensued and the two got vocal with each other. LeBron James and the rest of the Lakers separated the two before it went out of hand, preventing the team from further collapsing amid their poor start.

Teammates arguing are nothing new, and what happened to Davis and Howard was probably caused by their frustrations in the lopsided affair against the Suns. For what it’s worth, Phoenix was dismantling the Lakers at that point of the game.

Fortunately for Lakers fans, it seems the two have quickly moved on–as they should.