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Anthony Davis says players ‘really care’ about their NBA 2K ratings

Lakers, Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis is aware of how much NBA players care about their in-game ratings in the critically-acclaimed NBA 2K video game. The new Los Angeles Lakers star has seen, heard, and experienced fellow players be on top of their overall skill ratings, either being pleasantly surprised or more often than not, resenting the disrespect that often comes with it being inaccurate in their eyes.

“Players care about it a lot,” said Davis, according to Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints. “It means a lot to them.”

Davis himself ranked among the Top 10 players in the league and as the best overall big man with a rating of 94.

Yet players can always look forward to improving their ratings, as 2K Sports often updates ratings to reflect players’ performance, including the popular “Moment” cards from breakthrough outings, as well as historic ones showcasing a player’s prowess through a particular season or era.

Davis has been among the best big men of the game, but to be atop the ratings deserves some bragging rights in itself.

The 6-foot-11 do-it-all shot-blocking machine has stretched his game out to the perimeter and become a threat from all three levels, making him a deadly offensive player and one of the most terrifying defenders due to his length and defensive IQ.

The likes of Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Town will likely soon be looking to up those ratings and possibly unseat Davis from his throne as the NBA’s best virtual big man.