Lakers news: Anthony Davis speaks out on playing through pain
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Lakers’ Anthony Davis speaks out on playing through pain


Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers has been playing with an ailing shoulder. Despite this, he has opted not to sit out and shared his reasons for why he keeps on playing despite the lingering pain.

Per Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, Davis’ leadership takes precedence over everything. And he can only do his job by being on the court with his teammates.

Davis’ shoulder has been bothering him for weeks. He tweaked it again in their loss to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday night — a game where he remained stellar with 27 points, eight rebounds, four blocks, and two steals. He also shared that the pain is always present but he has opted to play through it.

In their 123-115 win over the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, Davis apparently got hit in the ribs. He was evidently in pain but still managed to chip in 24 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, and one block.

While what Davis is doing is a notable feat, Lakers fans should still be wary of how these injuries will affect him moving forward. Take note that in Davis’ eight-year career, he has never played one full season. He’s always had to sit down for several games to nurse some sort of injury.

And if you’re a team who’s gunning for that title, you simply cannot afford to lose one of your best players. The Lakers’ medical staff should keep their eyes peeled at Davis’ injuries.