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Barack Obama shares powerful advice to Lakers’ LeBron James on fighting against racism

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Being the huge basketball fan that he is, former United States President Barack Obama has always admired Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James for his achievements both on and off the court.

As thrilled as he was to witness The King win his fourth NBA title two weeks ago, Obama was also quite proud of James’ all-out support to the Black Lives Matter movement during his time inside the bubble at Walt Disney World.

The ex-POTUS sat down with the Lakers star (virtually of course) in the latest episode of HBO’s The Shop. The pair of enigmatic individuals discussed the never-ending battle against racism alongside James’ good friend Maverick Carter.

“The roots of racism in this country is deep. The psychology of it has lessened, but it never fully went away. The legacy of slavery and Jim Crow means that we started the race behind, with respect to resources in our communities, the way the criminal justice set-up, and lack of representation in corporate America,” Obama eloquently explained.

Here’s the full clip, which was also shared by LeBron’s media platform UNINTERRUPTED’s social media accounts.

LeBron James intently listened as Barack Obama tackled multiple facets of racism and the importance of continuing to preach the BLM movement for years to come. The four-time NBA MVP couldn’t help but nod his head in agreement, as Obama offered his brilliant take on the subject.

Perhaps inspired by Obama’s vision, the Lakers forward also shared his inspiration for pushing the BLM movement–which is is to ensure his children will no longer live in a world with social injustice in the future.

The latest serving of the hit barbershop-themed show, meanwhile, is a special episode aimed to further raise awareness for the upcoming United States election on November 3.

James and the rest of his NBA brethren continue to preach the importance of voting for the right leaders who will spark change. Obama, on the other hand, has also been busy campaigning for Joe Biden’s presidential bid. His wisdom indeed gives a beacon of hope throughout these dark times.