There are few greater competitors in the game than Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. It's no secret that Kobe's ruthlessness spills far beyond the basketball court and apparently, WNBA icon Diana Taurasi once fell victim to this.

In a recent interview with Bleacher Report's Taylor Rooks, Chicago Sky star Candace Parker revealed an epic gambling story involving herself, Kobe, Taurasi, and Jason Kidd. According to Parker, Kobe got so deep into Taurasi's head that she ended up losing all of her money in a card game named booray.

The worst part about this all is that it wasn't even Taurasi's own money that she lost. She was apparently filling in for Jason Kidd, who for some reason, entrusted his entire bag to Taurasi. For his part, Kobe smelled blood and he knew exactly how to get to Taurasi. Candace Parker was a first-hand witness to all of this as the Lakers icon mercilessly talked trash to Taurasi throughout the game. Kobe knew what he was doing and he executed his plan to perfection.

Taurasi fell for Bryant's trap and she ended up losing a huge amount of money in the game. Parker wouldn't even disclose how much money was involved here so we're pretty sure this was a considerable sum. We can only imagine how Jason Kidd must have felt once he learned that Taurasi had lost all of his cash.

You can see the full video of Parker's story here, courtesy of our friends from Bleacher Report.

These are the types of stories that remind us of Kobe Bryant's unbridled competitive nature. Apparently, not even the great Diana Taurasi was immune to the Lakers legend's ways.