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Lakers’ Danny Green blasts leaked misinformation from player meetings


Los Angeles Lakers veteran Danny Green is the latest NBA personality to come out and deny most of the stories that have come out of the bubble pertaining to the emergency players meeting held on Wednesday.

Green admitted that he was taken aback by not only how quickly the storylines leaked, but more importantly, how most of them are untrue:

“I don’t know how all of that stuff gets out so fast, and not all of it’s correct information,” Green said on Friday, via Harrison Faigen of Silver Screen & Roll.

Green’s teammate LeBron James has been one of the players that was singled out to have been quite emotional during the meeting. However, Green came to the defense of LeBron, explaining how most of the narratives about the four-time MVP have been blown out of proportion:

“I mean, I don’t know what you guys have heard. I’ve heard many different stories of ‘LeBron said this, LeBron did that,’ (or) ‘so and so did this, so and so said that,’” Green said. “Most of it was untrue. I don’t know what you’ve heard and what you think is true or not, everybody has different opinions.

“It wasn’t as crazy as everybody made it seem. (The) details aren’t as drastic.”

Green did confirm, however, that emotions ran high during the meeting, and that at one point, cooler heads had to intervene to disrupt the tension.

“The things you’ve heard that certain people said that were negative weren’t like that. But there were some things said. Some people felt that there was some disrespect going on. And it was checked,” Green said.

Could Green be pertaining to the story about Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley verbally attacking NBPA president Michele Roberts? Multiple sources have already confirmed the narrative, and it does appear that Green is corroborating the same.

Whatever the case may be, the important thing here is that the players were able to reach a consensus. At this point, it is tantamount that they remain unified.