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Lakers’ Dwight Howard breaks silence on flare up vs. Anthony Davis

Dwight Howard Anthony Davis beef fight Lakers

The on-court spat between Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard was all over social media as the to Los Angeles Lakers stars were seen getting into it on the sidelines.

Dwight Howard was asked about the altercation after the game. The Lakers big man was vocal that the dispute was settled immediately after tempers flared on the court.

“Oh, yeah. We squashed it right then and there,” said Howard during the Lakers postgame presser. “We just had a disagreement about something that was on the floor. We’re both very passionate about winning. We didn’t wanna lose this game.”

Dwight emphasized that the tension came from their shared desire to help the Lakers win. Howard implored reporters not to make an issue out of what happened as the beef between the two has already fizzled out.

“We’re grown men. Things happen. But we already talked. Squashed it. There’s no issue between me and him. That’s my brother. That’s what I told him. … We’re good. We squashed it. There’s no need to try to try to make it bigger than something else,” continued the Lakers center.

Beef or no beef, the Lakers have struggled mightily to find their rhythm in their first two contests this season. The internal arguments may not be long-lasting in this one, but how smooth the rest of the waters are this season depends on how soon they can turn things around.