Boston Celtics veteran Enes Kanter has been very vocal about his feelings about China and the alleged slave labor trade that goes unpunished in the said country. Kanter has now taken aim at Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, who he believes is nothing but a mere puppet of the Chinese regime.

Kanter recently went on an all-out tirade against LeBron via Twitter and suffice to say, he absolutely did not hold back:

Kanter's main issue with the Lakers star stems from his relationship with Nike. Kanter claims that by turning a blind eye on the alleged slave labor that Nike uses to manufacture LeBron's signature shoes, The King is being hypocritical about caring for social injustice. The Celtics big man even invoked the infamous “shut up and dribble” quote to further incriminate LeBron James. Needless to say, Enes Kanter is definitely not a fan of the Lakers superstar.

Interestingly, the two will face off on the court on Friday when the Celtics battle the Lakers. Kanter hasn't figured too much in the Celtics' rotation this season, and LeBron himself is questionable to take the court. James and Kanter might not actually face off on the basketball court, but there's likely going to be an awkward pregame encounter between them.