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Lakers’ Frank Vogel admits Phil Jackson has had ‘immense’ impact on his coaching style

Lakers, Frank Vogel

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Frank Vogel admits that legendary coach Phil Jackson — who led the Purple and Gold to five titles which included a three-peat — had an impact on his coaching style.

Per Harrison Faigen of SB Nation, Jackson’s calm demeanor was the one trait that Vogel keenly observed.

Jackson was called the Zen Master during his days as a coach. It’s not just because he actually practiced Zen and encouraged his players to do so. But mainly because when caught up in tense situations, Jackson always remained seated on the bench, and calmly gave out instructions to his players. Rarely did people see Jackson yell at his players or lash out at the referees for a bad call. Jackson’s style stood out among the rest of the NBA coaches who always seemed on the brink of having a heart attack along the sidelines.

Now, Vogel will step into the shoes that his idol once wore. To recall, after winning six titles with the Chicago Bulls, the Lakers got Jackson as head coach. Together with Kobe and Shaquille O’Neal, Jackson delivered a total of five rings to the prized organization. The Lakers, hope, too, that Vogel can do the same. Or even just snag a few.