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Lakers’ Frank Vogel reveals what JR Smith and Dion Waiters bring to the team

Dion Waiters, Lakers, JR Smith

With scrimmages about to get underway for the Los Angeles Lakers, the team has been trying to bring along newcomers JR Smith and Dion Waiters. Both of these veterans were late additions to the team and have yet to play a minute in purple and gold, but they are already making an impression on head coach Frank Vogel.

On Friday morning, Vogel spoke to the media over a Zoom call about the two Lakers newcomers and what they’ve brought to the table. Although they’ve only been with the team for a short time, especially Smith, they’ve definitely made an impact that has Vogel confident in their abilities moving forward.

“They both bring toughness and sway,” Lakers head coach said of Smith and Waiters. “Those guys are killers. They go after it with great competitive spirit, and they have the talent to back it up and be highly productive on the court. They’ve proven that throughout their careers.

“They’re being asked to come into an already strong locker room where our chemistry has been a strength of ours this year and to fit in and contribute in a positive way.

“Every time you introduce a new personality into your group, it can alter your chemistry. Their goal is to come in here and make sure if it’s altered that it’s altered in a positive way.

“So far, both of those guys have had that mindset and have done a great job of fitting in and contributing with a positive attitude.”

At this point, there’s no telling how things will go for the Lakers are any other team in the NBA bubble for that matter. There has been a four-month hiatus, a substantial Black Lives Matter movement, and a pandemic that has created an unprecedented situation in Orlando and no way of knowing how things will play out.

However, the Lakers are a veteran team that could be as prepared as any to get through the next few months as well as to be expected. The fact that Waiters and Smith are already turning heads only strengthens this squad’s chance of lifting the Larry O’Brien Trophy when it is all said and done in October.