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Isaiah Thomas blames Stephen Curry for his young son chucking up deep threes

isaiah thomas

Stephen Curry, regarded as one of the best shooters of all time, has made his mark among young guns who want to play basketball for a living. His effortless 3-point bombs from 30 feet have been something kids continuously practice on their own. Recently, Los Angeles Lakers guard Isaiah Thomas got a front-row view of Curry’s influence on his son.

Thomas posted an Instagram story of his son shooting hoops. As seen, he is not taking an effort to drive all the way to the hoop. Instead, he stops on a dime behind the 3-point line and lets it go. Thomas included a text which read:

“He only wants to shoot 3s smh… Said that’s what steph curry does lol”

Below is the clip:

It was a sarcastic quip on Curry. Some parents and coaches in little leagues have observed that kids emulate Curry’s long-distance shots. While it is admirable that they want to be like Curry, it doesn’t necessarily yield good results for the whole team. The difference is simple: Curry nails his threes effortlessly while the kids throw up air balls.

Andrew Cotto even wrote how Curry’s influence ruined his son’s basketball team, via the Men’s Journal. He wrote in part:

Almost all of the players I coach on my kid’s elementary school basketball team share two notable characteristics: they worship Golden State’s Steph Curry, and they all think nothing of heaving thirty-foot jumpers in any game situation. They toss them up with a teammate open under the basket; they launch them when they’re off-balanced and outmatched; they shoot when they’re up by ten and it’s still the first quarter.