Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss believes the LeBron James signing is a validation for all the hard work the franchise has done to turn things around for Hollywood's favorite basketball team.

In a heartfelt article by The Athletic's Sam Amick, Buss recalls how the Lakers have brought back the excitement and glamour that once surrounded the team.

“You know, LeBron choosing to come here validates everything that we’ve been doing,” Jeanie said. “I felt that under the previous regime, when you change coaches every 18 months, you can’t get an idea of who you are. What is your identity? So why would a free agent come to your team if you don’t know what you’re doing, and you’re not behind your coach and you’re making changes. I think when Magic came in, you could see all the moves that he made, he and Rob Pelinka, changing the roster, building it around a style of play, a type of player, the kind of athleticism, you could see what Laker basketball was becoming as they built.

“Every decision they made complimented the one before. It wasn’t just all over the map where you’re trying to figure out what they’re thinking. It was very clear, and so this was part of the validation. A player like LeBron, who’s respected for his basketball IQ, his thoughtfulness, his desire to be a great team player, that he saw what we were doing and that he wanted to be part of what we’re doing here, it feels really good.”

Indeed, the past couple of years for the Lakers has been all about revamping both the front office and the roster. Buss decided to clean house in the front office and put Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka in charge, and they've gone about rebuilding the club to turn it into the budding monster it is now with LeBron.

The Lakers' front office has also preached consistency with the moves they make and do not make. Despite rumors circulating that head coach Luke Walton lost the locker room last season, the team has never wavered in its faith in the young coach.

With LeBron plus a mix of veterans and talented youth, the next step for the Lakers is to prove they are more than just an exciting team to watch.