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Kendrick Perkins’ bold Lakers prediction on Russell Westbrook trade

Russell Westbrook Lakers Kendrick Perkins trade

The Los Angeles Lakers swung big to bring Russell Westbrook to Hollywood alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which could turn out to be one of the most polarizing trades of all time. While many fans feel strongly one way or the other about how the Brodie experience will work out in LA, former player turned ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins has his mind made up.

Big Perk was vocal on the Lakers’ blockbuster deal on Get Up:

“Asking me that question is like asking me if I’m going to finish my plate of food. The answer is ‘hell yeah!’

Russell Westbrook has never played with a big like Anthony Davis. Good luck to try to stop that pick and roll with Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis.. LeBron James needs Russell Westbrook for the simple fact that he’s getting up in age. Russell Westbrook is still 32, which means that he’s still in his prime… I see the Lakers coming out of the West, and I see them winning the title.”

Nobody doubts the star power that now currently emanates from the Lakers roster. But it’s the fit that seems concerning based on their overlapping skill sets and lack of floor spacing between them.

But we’ve seen people doubt superstar combinations before, such as the Miami Heat Big 3 back in the day, as well as the Brooklyn Nets just last season. No matter which way you side, there’s no doubt we’ll all be tuning in to the thrill ride that will be Russell Westbrook with the Lakers.