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Lakers news: Kenyon Martin elaborates on why he chose Kobe Bryant over LeBron James

The debate about who is the greatest player in NBA history is an endless one. It will go on forever with players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Magic Johnson among the candidates for the distinction along with players that may emerge in the years to come.

Most seem to believe Michael Jordan and his flawless 6-0 record in the NBA Finals is the greatest player in league history. LeBron, who may still have quite a few more years ahead, is currently battling to catch the Chicago Bulls legend.

Although the LeBron is aiming at Jordan, he has yet to pass Bryant in the championship department with Kobe’s five to James’ three. Kenyon Martin of the BIG3 League, who recently spoke with ClutchPoints about the subject, thinks it’s not the championships that separate the two, but mentality.

“I played against Kobe a lot,” Martin told ClutchPoints. “More than I did LeBron. Battled in the Finals and in the Western Conference year in and year out for a long seven years.

“It’s what I see basketball-wise. I just like Kobe’s mentality. I like the way he approached the game. People took it as I was taking shots at LeBron. Not taking shots at LeBron. If I could have both of them, I’m [expletive] taking both of them, but they asked me to pick. So I picked Kobe.

“LeBron’s skill set is immaculate. Numbers great. All of that, but if I’m starting a team, I’m starting it with Kobe Bryant. That’s my guy. He’s the one I battled with the most and who I looked at as the ultimate competitor.”

With Martin saying Kobe’s mentality put him ahead of LeBron in his opinion, we posed the question about whether it may be a generational thing. Perhaps the mentality of young players today has gotten weaker.

“There are some,” Martin claims. “You’ve just got to give them a chance. There’s going to be far in-between … There are players coming along that I’m pretty sure will be. I don’t see it right now, but there will be.”

As the debate rages on about “greatest ever” and Kobe or LeBron, Martin embarks on making a bit of history himself. The former NBA star will lead the undefeated Trilogy into the first-ever BIG3 Championship game in Las Vegas on Aug. 26 at MGM Grand Garden Arena with hopes of pulling off a perfect season.