Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant may be gone, but the legacy and lessons he left his peers and the younger generation of NBA players will forever be remembered. For one, Caron Butler will never forget one advice the Black Mamba gave him.

In an episode of the Uninterrupted with De'Aaron Fox and Marvin Bagley. Butler recalled the wise words of Kobe when he joined the then-established superstar in 2004 with the Lakers. Despite being still young at the time as well, Bryant emphasized to Butler  the importance of making “second acts” better or greater than the first.

“This is a spec of time that I'm going to have this platform,” Butler said, per NBC Washington. “I didn't realize that until I went and joined forces with Kobe… where he was just talking to me about the importance of our second acts. Now this is in year three, year four and he's already talking about life after basketball.”

Caron Butler's story certainly gives everyone a peek at Kobe Bryant's brain and why the Lakers icon has become such an influential force in the NBA.

Even before his retirement, Kobe has made sure to guide the younger generation, with the likes of Jayson Tatum, Devin Booker and Trae Young all sharing how his mentorship allowed them to grow and evolve into the NBA players today.,

Before his tragic passing in 2020 and even before and after his retirement, the former Lakers star also embarked on a journey to promote women's basketball and provide female athletes the opportunity and platform to show their skills on a national level. He frequently watched WNBA games live with his daughter Gianna as he helped promote the sport.

As for Butler, he took Kobe's advice to heart and is now doing his best to leave his mark to the current generation of NBA players. Aside from being an assistant coach for the Miami Heat, the one-time champion with the Dallas Mavericks is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist–being among the first ones to speak out about George Floyd's death.

“My mind was just wrapped around, how can I create a legacy that's bigger than myself? How can I leave something and impact people from all walks of life, not just through the game of basketball, but all walks of life?,” Butler added.

Kobe's story may be over, but the people he has influenced continue to write more chapters to his legend.