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Kobe Bryant reveals what ‘the most important thing’ is for Duke star Zion Williamson

Kobe Bryant, Zion Williamson

Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant can sort of relate to Duke star Zion Williamson.

Although Bryant didn’t go to college, he received the same hype Williamson is getting right now during his high school days at Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania.

Kobe, who thinks Zion can be a star in the NBA, says staying focused on basketball and avoiding all the hoopla which comes with being an elite performer is the most important thing for Williamson.

“Lot of potential,” Kobe Bryant said when asked about Zion Williamson, via Frank Isola of The Athletic. “I think he’s at a critical stage right now because there are going to be people pulling him from every direction, right. And the important thing for him is to stay focused on the game. That is the most important thing. Focus on the game. Everything else is secondary. I think if he does that, he will be the player that we all think he can be… and more.”

Zion Williamson will most likely be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Once he gets drafted, the spotlight is going to be on him even more than it is right now at Duke.

As long Zion stays true to the game of basketball and doesn’t get lost in the celebrity life, he should be fine moving forward.