Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant says there is no beef between he and his former teammate, Shaquille O'Neal, despite their recent back-and-forth banter on Twitter.

During a a sit-down interview with the founder of Valuetainement, Patrick Bet-David, Bryant stated that he might have won 12 championship rings over the course of his career if Shaq had been “in the gym” more. The Big Diesel actually heard about these comments and decided to respond, saying: “You would've had 12 if u passed the ball more, especially in the finals against the Pistons.”

As you might expect, this caused a bit of a stir in the media, as they know the storied history between these two players. So, in what appears to be an effort to squash the beef, as they say, Kobe sent out a statement to clear the air, claiming that there is “nothing but love” between he and Shaq:

Shaq and Kobe left a lasting legacy with the Lakers. Together, they led the franchise to three consecutive championships. Some hoops experts say they needed one another to win, while other disagree. Kobe won two rings without Shaq, while Shaq won just one without the Black Mamba.