Now that he is retired from the NBA, Kobe Bryant has been spending more time with his family, including his one-year old daughter, Bianka. Not needing to travel as much as he did during his playing days, he now has the opportunity to fulfill more of his fathering duties to them.

While making his way inside Staples Center on Monday for his double jersey retirement ceremony, The Black Mamba was even seen pushing baby Bianka’s stroller, which proves further that his priority these days is being with his family.

This definitely says a lot about him as person and family man. Instead of wanting to have the spotlight solely on him, he wants his daughter to be part of it, as well as his wife and two other children, who are also expected to be seated near him while his jersey will be raised up in the rafters of the arena.

Known to be a fierce competitor when he was playing as a pro, the sight of seeing Bryant being a full-time father was something very hard to imagine. However, it goes to show that he is just like any ordinary father as well, who dedicates a lot of time to his children, even during big events in his honor.