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Kobe Bryant when Nick Foles introduced himself: ‘Fool I know who you are!’

Kobe Bryant, Nick Foles, Lakers, Eagles

It’s probably easy to forget you’re famous when you meet a mega-star like Kobe Bryant. That’s exactly what happened to Nick Foles when he met Bryant at an airport, according to Jeff Kerr of 247Sports.com.

There are a few things here that Foles seems to have forgotten. First off, he was the Super Bowl MVP barely one year ago. Second, he led the Philadelphia Eagles to the playoffs just a few months ago. He’s a champion, just as Bryant is five times over with the Lakers.

There’s also the fact that Bryant is from Philadelphia and is a fan of the Eagles. He spoke to the team during their 2017 season, the year they won the Super Bowl, and follows them extremely closely.

Therefore, you could imagine Bryant was surprised when Foles introduced himself with the “I’m Nick Foles” line.

Either Foles genuinely didn’t think Bryant would know who he was, or he had reached such legendary status in Philadelphia that he introduces himself that way waiting for applause.

Both options are viable, but more than likely it’s the first one.

It’s hard to blame Foles, either. Although he should’ve known the Lakers legend would know who he is, it’s still Kobe Bryant. That might’ve been a little awkward, but it would’ve been a lot worse if he went up and talked to him like they were old pals just for Bryant to say, “who are you again?”

At least now, Foles knows for the next time, Bryant knows who he is.