Lakers news: Larry Nance Jr. prepares former LA teammates on what it's like playing with LeBron James
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Larry Nance Jr. prepares former LA teammates on what it’s like playing with LeBron James

Larry Nance Jr.

In a recent interview with The Athletic, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Larry Nance Jr. offered some words of advice for his former Los Angeles Lakers teammates, who will now be playing alongside LeBron James. Nance Jr. suggests that James’ teammates should be ready for both high and low moments.

“You’ve got to be ready for the high of highs when you win a big game, but you also got to be ready to see your name all over social media,” Larry Nance told The Athletic. “Like, ‘oh man, every team he goes to, he has no help.’ You’ve just got to be ready to deal with that. It’s no fault of Bron’s, he’s just that incredible of a player. You’ve just got to be ready for the highs and lows that come with it.”

A certain level of expectation comes with having a player of LeBron James’ caliber on your team — a fact the Cavaliers are quite familiar with. As most hoops fans know, the Cavs made it to the NBA’s biggest stage four years straight with The King leading the charge. Now, however, James is faced with a new challenge.

The Lakers are an iconic franchise, and this season, the team has brought in several new faces to play alongside James, including Rajon Rondo, JaVale McGee, and Lance Stephenson. In addition to the talented veterans joining the squad, the Lakers also have a core of talented, young players in Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma.

The pieces for success are in place for the Lakers, but can the team capitalize on this opportunity?

“You’re one of the most well-known athletes on the planet, and the Lakers are one of the most notorious brands in all of sports,” ESPN’s Dave McMenamin said to James on the first day of Lakers Media Day. “How did those two things come together and amplify one another?”

“It’s the perfect match,” James replied. “This city is built on stars. This city breeds stars, it breeds winners, and I’m a winner.

“We wanna get back to winning,” James continued. “This franchise hasn’t won in the last few years, but that’s all they’ve known since they’ve been in existence. I’m happy to be here at this point now in my career, and at this point in time of the Lakers franchise today, where we’re both wanting to get back to that promised land.”

The Lakers finished the 2017-18 regular season campaign with a 35-47 overall record, which was good for 11th in the Western Conference standings. Without a doubt, Los Angeles is a team that will be looking for a playoff seed this season.