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Lakers stars LeBron James, Anthony Davis flex their guns after Andre Drummond bullies LaMarcus Aldridge

Lakers, Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis, LeBron James

If there’s one play that could give you an idea of how the Los Angeles Lakers-Brooklyn Nets blockbuster went down, it’s when Andre Drummond absolutely bullied LaMarcus Aldridge down on the block. LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma definitely enjoyed seeing that as they flexed their muscles after Drummond’s weight room bucket over Aldridge.

Watch the bully ball play from Drummond and the subsequent celebration below from Bron, AD, and Kuz:

To add insult to injury, Andre Drummond even gave LaMarcus Aldridge the “too small” taunt following his and-1 finish.

Lakers Nation went off on Saturday night after the team’s impressive win over the surging Nets. Drummond, who played just his third game for the Purple and Gold, was instrumental in their 126-101 beat down of Brooklyn. The two-time All-Star notched a double-double, going for 20 points and 11 rebounds in the 25-point win.

Many were definitely anticipating the Nets to smoke the Lakers, considering that LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kyle Kuzma were out for what many believe should be the NBA Finals match-up this July. But Drummond and the rest of the LA roster stepped up to the plate and snapped Brooklyn’s nine-game home winning streak.

This is definitely a confidence-boosting victory for the Lakers, as the supporting cast looks to keep the ship steady until their two superstars return. According to several reports, the defending champs see AD returning within the next two weeks, while LeBron could make his return to the floor in three.

Until then, it’ll still have to be an all-around team effort for the Lakers. They certainly showed they are capable of winning without their two best players on Saturday night.