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LeBron James co-signs Jalen Rose’s raw reaction to George Floyd’s killing

LeBron James, Lakers, Jalen Rose

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has reacted to a heartfelt response to the killing of George Floyd, as an inspired Jalen Rose shared some candid words with his audience on Friday’s iteration of ESPN’s “Get Up.”

“I have to say this. I wish America loved black people as much as they love black culture,” said a poised Rose. “There is so many times where it gets cherry-picked and it gets piggy-backed, but only when it’s convenient. And sometimes it happens in entertainment and athletics.

“We’re not here designed only to entertain. We’re actually living, breathing human beings.”

The Lakers star clearly agrees with Rose’s impassioned two-minute speech. Rose also noted police brutality didn’t just start happening the last few years, but rather society has become more adept to using technology to get it on video and spreading it on social media platforms.

Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed after he pleaded for help as a police officer, Derek Chauvin, used his knee on Floyd’s neck to pin him to the ground, despite being unarmed and handcuffed.

Floyd’s death has became the source of outrage and protests across the country as people seek justice. Chauvin was only just arrested on Friday afternoon, despite the overwhelming video evidence and even a report noting he knew Floyd for 17 years as coworkers at a Minneapolis restaurant. However, there have been no charging decisions made yet.

Rose has never shied away from commenting on social injustices and neither has James, both united in wanting to see a just resolution to this killing that has left many indignant to how police carries its duty. LeBron initially reacted to Floyd’s killing by bringing up Colin Kaepernick’s fight against social injustice, and the Lakers star will surely have more to say as this story develops.