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VIDEO: Lakers’ LeBron James destroys Rudy Gobert’s ankle, but misses out on highlight play after missed jumper

LeBron James Rudy Gobert Lakers Jazz

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James performed a million-dollar move with a ten-cent finish against Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert on Wednesday at Smart Vivint Arena. The King had one of the league’s best defenders on skates around during the second period of the showdown between the two Western Conference powerhouse teams.

Seeing The 7-foot giant switch on him in the perimeter, the 4-time MVP capitalized on the advantage by performing a slick hesitation dribble followed by a nifty step back. LeBron had The Stifle Tower off balance, as he lost his footing and dropped on one knee.

The Lakers’ bench went crazy after James took home Gobert’s ankles. Unfortunately, he couldn’t complete the highlight play as he clunked the jumper shortly after and was unable to cut the Jazz’s lead.

Jeez, what a letdown that was. It’s like getting teased by a hot date only to get shut down at the end of the night.

LeBron and the rest of the defending champs are looking to bounce back from three consecutive losses. The red-hot Jazz, of course, won’t give them an easy night as they look to make a statement as the team with the best record in the league right now.