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Lakers star LeBron James downplays 13-point game in loss to Wizards

lebron james

When you play for one of the biggest franchises in sports history, every single game is analyzed and broken down to a tee. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James knew this would happen when he signed a deal with the L.A. mega team this offseason.

However, he is doing everything in his power to downplay the Laker’s most recent game, a bad loss to the Washington Wizards. After the contest, the King wants to remind fans that this is just one game out of 82 and that he looks at the bigger picture.

As usual, LeBron James is correct. Losing to the lowly Wizards is not a good look, but the Lakers have been playing well lately. Even the best teams drop games unexpectedly, especially on long road trips.

James had a rare off game Sunday night, scoring only 13 points. He shot poorly from the field, making only 5-of-13 shots. Even more surprising was the fact that James had more turnovers than assists, recording only three assists to go against four turnovers. He also continued to struggle from the free throw line, making three out of six from the charity stripe.

The Lakers were absolutely obliterated by Wizards guard John Wall, who had a night for the history books. He had his way with the Laker defense all night, scoring 40 points and dropping 14 dimes.

The Lakers have been a pleasant surprise through a third of the season. With such a young team, bumps in the road are to be expected. As long as the team has a rested and healthy LeBron James late in the season, they could surprise the league by snagging a playoff spot and possibly giving one of the Western Conference powerhouses a run for their money.