Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been in perhaps every imaginable high-pressure situation on the basketball court throughout his decorated career. Things are much different for him right now, though, as the four-time NBA champ nervously awaits the release of his new film, Space Jam: A New Legacy.

It took more than two decades since the original Space Jam film was released. Nevertheless, LeBron himself admitted that he's still well aware of the Michael Jordan-sized shoes he has to fill as the successor in this iconic franchise:

“I hope I continue to make Michael proud,” LeBron told reporters on Friday during the film's premier in Los Angeles (h/t Inquirer.net). “He’s someone I looked up to as a kid and hopefully this is another step in that direction.”

It's no secret that LeBron James considers the great Michael Jordan to be one of his biggest heroes. For many, MJ's accomplishments have always been the barometer of success in terms of LeBron's career trajectory ever since he was a teenager in the league. This time around, however, the Lakers star has been handed the opportunity to emulate a Jordan milestone on the silver screen.

With so many factors coming into play, an emotional LeBron also admitted that his nerves have been more active than usual of late as he anticipates the official release of the animated film:

“I was extremely nervous to even redo this film,” he said. “But I put my heart into it, I put my looniness into it obviously with the Tunes and committed to it. I’m excited for what people are actually going to see.”

Space Jam: A New Legacy is set for public release on July 15th. You can be sure that LeBron James will be avidly anticipating the market's reception to his first feature film.