LeBron James has already put together a Hall of Fame resume that firmly cements him in the conversation amongst the best players of all time. The Los Angeles Lakers forward doesn’t feel much pressure at this stage in his career.

James is looking to build upon his legacy in Los Angeles, but he clearly is coming into his first season with the Lakers without any expectations. Lakers fans would probably love to hear LeBron start talking about going to his ninth straight NBA Finals, but James is showing some restraint early on.

James has been through it all in his career. He’s dealt with the immense pressure of leading the Cavaliers in his first stint with Cleveland. Then he dealt with being the villain on a team with championship or bust expectations. Then in his second stint with the Cavaliers, he had the pressure of bringing Cleveland its first title in a very long time.

Now that LeBron is joining the Lakers, it seems that he’s used to whatever pressure comes his way. Joining Los Angeles doesn’t seem to provide any added pressure for James. It’s something he’s very comfortable with at this point.

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Most people believe the Lakers are missing another player to put them into the championship conversation. The young corps and LeBron James are certainly contenders to make the playoffs, but they probably need to add one more piece in 2019 to become title contenders.

That means that this year, James and company won’t face the intense pressure that comes with high expectations.