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VIDEO: LeBron James Gets Hilarious Bald Spot Assist From Lakers Bench

Lakers, LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James had a bit of a hairdo malfunction during Friday’s 102-93 win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Fortunately for him, he has some of the best teammates in the world who went out of their way to make LeBron aware of the dire situation at hand.

Here’s Alfonzo McKinnie signaling to LeBron from the Lakers bench in a hilarious moment caught on film (h/t Mike Taddow on Twitter):

This is certainly not something you see every day. McKinney’s effort is praiseworthy considering how he got out of his seat almost instantly just to be able to get LeBron’s attention. If that’s not love then I no longer know what is.

McKinnine is clearly doing his best to be in LeBron’s good graces and this act of kindness is certainly going to get The King’s nod of approval. The 28-year-old hasn’t exactly been a key part of the Lakers’ rotation this season (he’s averaging just 3.5 minutes in 16 appearances thus far) so he’s probably lobbying for a bit more playing time. The trade deadline is also coming up, so there’s that, too. Unfortunately for McKinnie, he did not get his number called on Friday against the Blazers.

“I gotchu ‘Bron,” we could almost hear McKinnie saying.