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Lakers star LeBron James’ hairline in NBA 2K22 gets savage trolling

Lakers, LeBron James, NBA 2K22

The NBA Twitterverse is having a field day at the expense of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James and his hairline, thanks to NBA 2K22.

After the new basketball simulation title from 2K Games was released, fans and gamers have been taking it to Twitter to share their reviews and interesting finds about the game. Amusingly, one of the most talked-about aspects of it is LeBron’s avatar and how the developers presented his receding hairline.

While LeBron has been often mocked for his hairline and how he tried to hide it in the past, his character in NBA 2K22 just seemed really odd.

Of course, some fans think it’s a perfect representation of the look of the Lakers star, while some can’t help but poke fun at the rather savage move of 2K Games.

While LeBron James certainly couldn’t care less about what fans have to say about the meme, it’s still funny and provides NBA fans with entertainment as they wait for the 2021-22 season.

Receding hairline and video games aside, James and his Lakers will look to take a step forward and go back to the place where they were before: The NBA Finals lifting the Larry O’Brien trophy. They have reloaded this offseason to prepare for another championship run, and by the looks of it, fans won’t be able to laugh and mock the Purple and Gold come the new campaign.