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Lakers star LeBron James listens to the sound of rain on leaves nightly to remind himself of his childhood

LeBron James, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers star forward LeBron James admits that even up to now, he listens to the sound of the rain falling on leaves nightly to remind him of his childhood in Akron, Ohio.

Per Ben Golliver of the Washington Post, James shared his little ritual every night at the “Calm” event in Hollywood. According to the four-time MVP and Lakers superstar, the sound of rain on leaves reminds him of the times where he questioned himself and his existence.

Amid all the self-doubt and the dire reality, it was the sound of the rain hitting leaves that reminded James of the beauty of the world.

James’ story reminds us that once upon a time before he became the world’s most polarizing basketball figure, he was just a kid from Akron going through tough times. Fighting through poverty in the absence of a father-figure was a big challenge for James and his family — a challenge that they overcame.

Basketball became his source of hope and inspiration. And it made him believe that one day, the tough days will soon be over as long you keep powering through and working hard.

It’s really great to see that LeBron James, amid all the things he has done in and out of the court, takes a moment of his busy schedule to recall the time when it was so easy to lose hope and give up. Yet, the sound of the rain on leaves assured him that there are some good things in the world to make one smile, no matter how simple.