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Lakers star LeBron James responds to rumored look at his Nike LeBron 17’s

LeBron James, Lakers, LeBron 17s

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James put an end to the rumored leak of his latest signature shoe, the LeBron 17’s.

What was said to be the newest LeBron 17’s made rounds on social media on Wednesday — with many saying that it looked similar to the LeBron 16’s.

Sneaker News, an Instagram account dedicated to anything and everything involving sneaker culture, posted a picture of a Nike shoe they claimed as the newest LeBron shoe. The image gained traction as the post got more than 33,000 likes.


However, James was quick to dismiss the shoe captured in the photo being the final product, commenting “close but no cigar.” The Lakers star then quickly confirmed that the shoes will drop soon.

Fans who cannot wait for the official drop can take a peek on how the shoes look, however. There is a picture of James and soccer star Kylian Mbappe where LeBron is seen wearing the unreleased 17’s. King James also posted a video of him working out with these shoes.

Based on the image and video, the LeBron 17’s have a lot more white and gray compared to the image shared by Sneaker News. Nonetheless, the texture at the front end of the shoe looks similar to the shoes James is wearing.

Nike’s LeBron line has always been popular with sneakerheads for being stylish and functional on the court. Hoops fans will definitely try to cop one for themselves once Nike launches the said kicks.