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Lonzo Ball had to bribe his brother LaMelo to get a haircut

lonzo ball

Before today, LaMelo Ball was known for two things.

The first is being the youngest sibling among the Ball brothers, mostly due to their connection to the outspoken and certainly controversial LaVar Ball.

The other one is his haircut, which could be effectively summarized as the biological offspring of Ben Wallace and Elfrid Payton’s do.

Whether the hair is strikingly good or downright mortifying is best left to individual tastes, but if you were to ask the elder Ball, it’s “I woke up like this” in a bad way.

“I don’t like when he wakes up and it’s smashed up against his head where it look like he been sleeping all day. Because now it look like he’s not ready to do anything like he just woke up like do I really have to do this. I don’t like that look.”

Their source of irritation eventually had to go as Lonzo tried to pressure the younger LaMelo during a recent episode of their Ball in the Family series, to finally go to the barber. The Los Angeles Lakers point guard was willing to shell out $100 for him to do it only for their father to foot out $700 just to get the youngest Ball to agree to it.

As for what the youngest Ball thinks about being pressured into shaving his locks. Well, he had no other choice.

“It’s not even pressure. They forced me to.”

Added Lonzo, once LaVar puts his foot down it’s all over for their brother.

“No matter how much he argued, once my dad was on board, I knew it was over for him. Once Big Baller gets into an argument, he’s not gonna’ stop till he wins.”