Mychal Thompson, Los Angeles Lakers great and father of Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson, has backtracked from his earlier declaration that the Purple and Gold should be crowned champions if the 2019-20 season is canceled altogether.

Speaking to Mark Medina of USA Today, Thompson explained that he wasn't actually serious with his earlier statement.

“That would never happen, and it shouldn’t happen,” Mychal Thompson said. “You have to play and earn it on the court. I was just being funny. Nobody would accept it. The Lakers wouldn’t accept a trophy like that. Nobody can be handed a trophy. You have to get on the court and earn it. Why would you think that was serious? I don’t care if we were undefeated. You still have to earn it on the court.

For the record, here is Thompson's original tweet about the Lakers:

It's nearly impossible to determine one's tone on Twitter, but now that he has come out to explain it, it does seem that he was joking when he composed this message. Then again, maybe Mychal wasn't and was taken aback by all the negative reactions from his tweet.

With that out of the way, Thompson went on to build on at least one of the aspects of his earlier message — that the Lakers are the greatest team ever.

“I was just saying that because the Lakers are the best team in all of sports,” Thompson added. “There’s no one more deserving than the most prestigious and the most glamorous team. We’re the most accomplished. Maybe we haven’t won as many titles as the Canadians, the Yankees or the Celtics. But the Lakers are the coolest brand of all of sports. So give them the rings just on the fact alone (laughs).”

Thompson played five seasons with L.A. between 1987 to 1991, during which he won two NBA titles with the Purple & Gold.