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Mystery girl sitting behind Lakers’ LeBron James finally speaks about infamous incident

Lakers, LeBron James

Four months ago, a photo of a woman, later identified as Melody Morales, sitting behind Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James made the rounds of the internet. James, who was injured at the time, was seated on the Lakers bench in their game against the Golden State Warriors.

Many fans were intrigued as to who this woman could be and her connection to the Lakers star.

Finally, Morales, who is a personal trainer and an Instagram model, explained her side of the story on her Youtube channel, a la “The Shop” style:

Morales said that she was watching the Lakers game with her fiance and her dad, who was celebrating his birthday. That day, in fact, turned out to be very eventful as they even got a chance to have a photo opportunity with then-team president and Lakers legend Magic Johnson.

Of course, nothing could compare to the amount of attention she got after people noticed her charms courtside right behind James.

However, it appears like Morales did not enjoy the kind of attention she was getting all over Twitter. That’s just the rub that a megastar like LeBron James brings.

Nevertheless, Morales probably has a lot more important things to worry about, similar to how LeBron has plenty on his table this offseason.

Of course, James is enjoying his rest and time off after the Lakers missed out on the playoffs this season. He’s also busy with filming Space Jam 2.

More importantly, James and the Lakers have a very crucial off-season on the horizon as they look to make a splash in free agency.