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Lakers legend Pau Gasol’s special gift to Vanessa Bryant for her and Kobe Bryant’s 20th wedding anniversary

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One of the more touching stories of the last year was how much Los Angeles Lakers legend Pau Gasol and his family cared for Vanessa Bryant in the wake of Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s tragic passing. Throughout the time since Kobe’s death, Gasol and his wife have been there for Vanessa and her children. That hasn’t changed on the day that would have been Vanessa and Kobe’s 20th wedding anniversary.

The beautiful bouquet of roses in a heart shape is exactly the type of thing you expect from someone as high character as Gasol. Any scroll through his or Vanessa’s Instagram will show you the depths he is willing to go to make their lives easier through such a hard time. Losing loved ones in the way they did is almost unimaginable and having friends like the Gasols must go a long way to easing that pain.

Pau and Kobe’s time as Lakers teammates was marked by camaraderie and winning. Kobe was one of the most competitive players in NBA history, and the addition of Pau after some rough years helped the Lakers get back to the mountaintop. After losing to the Boston Celtics in the 2008 NBA Finals, they won two championships together in Los Angeles in 2009 and 2010, beating the Orlando Magic and then the Celtics in a rematch.

Their on-court chemistry clearly extended to their lives off the court. The Bryants and Gasols remained friends well after Kobe’s retirement in 2016 and even posthumously. The Gasol family’s willingness to be there for Vanessa and the remainder of the family speaks volumes about who they are as people. With the tough year everyone went through in 2020, the positivity spread by Pau Gasol and his family was a beacon of hope to remind us how good people can be.