Lakers news: Quinn Cook reveals what it's like to take the coronavirus test
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Lakers’ Quinn Cook reveals what it’s like to take the coronavirus test

Quinn Cook, Lakers, Coronavirus

Los Angeles Lakers point guard Quinn Cook revealed what it was like to take the coronavirus test, as he and his Lakers teammates took it one by one this week after coming in contact with the Brooklyn Nets in the past two weeks.

The Lakers are one of eight teams that have been fully tested, and Cook vividly detailed going through the process:

“It’s the worst 8,9 seconds of your life,” Cook told Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports in a quarantined edition of Posted Up. “It’s something that I wouldn’t wish on anybody, but something that had to be done. Our doctor did a really great job of keeping everybody away from each other. Well, the Lakers did a good job of keeping everybody away from each other.

“Our doctor really went one by one, giving everybody the test. Everybody had the same reaction — it was funny we’re all there in the group chat about how painful and uncomfortable it was. But it was something that needed to be done.”

Cook said he felt the effects of the test even five hours after it was administered, but acknowledged it was something necessary to be aware of his health condition. Two unnamed Lakers players tested positive for the novel coronavirus, but Cook is not one of them, per Haynes.

The Lakers guard, however, admitted that his team was “lucky to have access” to testing so quickly, considering the claims that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made following the Brooklyn Nets testing all of their players privately.