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Lakers GM Rob Pelinka reveals big plan for last 2 remaining roster spots

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We are just days away from the start of NBA training camps. For their part, the Los Angeles Lakers still have two open roster spots at the moment, and they already have a plan in the works.

Rob Pelinka addressed the media in a press conference on Thursday. He revealed what the Lakers intend to do with these two remaining roster slots:

“We do have two open roster spots, 14 and 15,” Pelinka said, via Chritian Rivas of Silver Screen & Roll. “Most likely 15 will be held (open), just with the tax implications and also holding that potentially for the buyout deadline. That’s usually a tool that a lot of contenders use. So I think there’s a likelihood there.”

Simply put, it seems like the Lakers will keep that 15th spot open with the intention of adding another player to the squad at some point in the season. Pelinka and Co. could be anticipating a few big-name buyouts throughout the campaign. Having an available roster spot will allow the Lakers to pounce if such an opportunity arises.

Pelinka then outlined the Lakers’ plan for the 14th spot on the roster, which currently remains unoccupied:

“We’re never absolute, we’re always fluid and anything could be presented. And we are in kind of our final evaluations on what to do with the 14th spot,” Pelinka said. “That’s something that we will make the decision on and around before camp starts on Tuesday. So we’re still kind of evaluating that as we speak.”

L.A. has already worked out a handful of players. Based on Pelinka’s statement here, the Lakers could be signing one more guy before training camp officially starts.