It is no secret that Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball is quite the polarizing figure amongst NBA fans. Whether it is because of his family's constant presence in sports media or his skill as a shooter, Ball receives a good deal of criticism.

According to an article written by Chris Mannix of Yahoo Sports, a veteran scout who studied Ball closely on the Lakers' recent road trip was enamored with the skills the 20-year-old brings to the court. However, the scout believes that Lonzo Ball's shooting woes have a lot to do with his confidence.

“Lonzo makes the right pass 98 percent of the time,” the veteran scout said. “A lot of times they are passes most guys don’t see. I’d like to see him shoot the ball better. I think it’s more of a confidence thing. Every time he misses a shot, it seems like he feels the weight of the world on top of him. He knows everyone talks about it.

“But I love his rebounding ability as a point guard. A lot of his success is going to be predicated on the players they put around him. He can get guys open shots, but it won’t matter if they aren’t hitting them.”

Mannix also went on to say that people need to be much more patient with the Lakers rookie's shooting, naming greats like Russell Westbrook and Jason Kidd as prime examples of players who struggled with their perimeter shooting during their rookie year.

Lonzo Ball seemed to have shown a pretty nice groove on Tuesday night against the Knicks, as he put up 17 points on a respectable 6-of-13 success mark from the floor.