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Rumor: Magic Johnson was making $10 million a year as Lakers president

Magic Johnson, Lakers

Magic Johnson’s shocking resignation will bring a shockwave of repercussions in the Lakers’ front office, but could also do so in the Western Conference. Johnson made $10 million a year with the Lakers, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic, and that stack could be fat enough to tempt the likes of Bob Myers of the Golden State Warriors for a spot in their front office.

Myers isn’t making anywhere close to the king’s ransom the Lakers were paying the former Hall of Famer, and if the second-winningest franchise comes calling with that many dollar bills on the line, Myers would be dumb not to listen:

“According to Sam Amick, national NBA writer for The Athletic — as he discussed on the new “Tampering” podcast — Magic was making $10 million a year with the Lakers. No, Myers does not make that much with the Warriors. Maybe about half that,” wrote Amick’s colleague, Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic. “Myers definitely makes less than Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who recently signed a contract extension at a number the Warriors have been diligent about keeping close to the vest.”

The Warriors organization isn’t short of money, something that has been obvious based on their massive payroll the last few seasons.

Golden State was smart to lock down Steve Kerr, for whatever figure it was that he was paid, but now they’ve put themselves in the position of having to reward Myers equally, if not more handsomely for his work with this roster.

Failure to do so could make him test the waters back in his old stomping grounds in Los Angeles.