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LeBron James understands what the I Promise School kids are going through (Video)

LeBron James

LeBron James is making a profound impact on his community. For how great of a basketball player he is, he might be an even better person. On Monday, James opened the I Promise School for underprivileged kids in Akron.

The school is opening on Monday to provide a school for at-risk youths to catch up in their studies and provide a safe place for the students to grow.

“As a kid from Akron, Ohio myself I remember walking these same streets … When people ask me why a school? That’s a part of the reason why. Because I know exactly what these 240 kids are going through. I know the streets that they walk. I know the trials and tribulations they go through. I know the ups, the downs. I know everything they dream about. I know all the nightmares they have because I’ve been there. I know exactly what they’re going through. They’re the reason why this school is here today.”

James is lucky. He came from a tough background, but was lucky enough to be blessed with God-given talent on the basketball court. This helped him escape his tough situation and provide a better life for his family.

Unfortunately, not every child has the ability to escape their situation through sports. That’s why the I Promise School is so important. It provides an opportunity and a pathway for the at-risk kids in Akron.

“This is a huge moment. Not only in my life. Not only in my family’s life. Not only in the foundation’s life. For these kids and for the whole city of Akron and more importantly, this is a huge moment for all of us.”

James continues to be an example for all professional athletes. His efforts to give back to the people who need it most continue to amaze. It’s easy to get wrapped up in sports and forget about the things that matter most. It’s uplifting to see James provide an opportunity to the children of his hometown.