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LaMelo Ball’s tweet suggests LeBron James may go to Lakers

When news hit that Kyrie Irving wanted out of Cleveland, the NBA world was shocked. This requested trade has a lot of immediate implications on the entire NBA landscape. Primarily, it has implications on the future of LeBron James.

James has an issue with the Cavaliers front office. The Cavs lost the 2017 NBA Finals and yet, have not done much to improve the roster. Due to this, James is, reportedly, looking to leave the franchise once again and one destination has made headlines: the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers are, per reports, the most favorable destination should James decide to leave. With a core of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Brook Lopez and a lot of young players, the Lakers might have a great pitch to make to James.

Even more LeBron-to-Lakers heat came when the brother of Lonzo Ball, LaMelo Ball, posted this tweet:

Now, this is only LaMelo Ball. He is not connected to the NBA other than through his brother, who likely would not be this involved in the franchise yet, to know all the rumors. LaMelo might be just posting his personal wish. Like a true brother, he probably wants Lonzo to play with the best player in the world.

While this tweet does not mean much, it is still interesting to see what will happen. The Cavaliers will have a tough end of the summer, with the whole Irving situation, but next summer might be even tougher.