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Michael Jordan hilariously reacts to fight with Reggie Miller

Last Dance, Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller

Apart from captivating audiences with the Chicago Bulls’ greatness in the ’90s, “The Last Dance” has also given us plenty of Michael Jordan meme-able moments.

The last episodes, which aired on Sunday (May 17), gave us yet another hilarious Jordan reaction. MJ flashed a devilish grin as he re-watched the fight between him and Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller during a regular season game in 1993.

The two feisty shooting guard got entangled in the first half after Jordan pulled off an impressive chasedown block on Miller’s teammate.

Reggie, who was also trailing the play, bumped into Jordan causing the pair to exchange some unpleasant words. Fists flew shortly after as Jordan managed to sneak in a couple of hooks right to Miller’s face.

Bulls forward Horace Grant was quick to defuse the situation, as he pulled Miller away from Jordan’s reach. This moment elicited Jordan’s cheeky response in “The Last Dance” clip.

Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller have had a testy relationship since that faithful evening. Miller took offense when Jordan ridiculed him to the press shortly after.

“It’s like chicken-fighting with a woman. His game is all this flopping-type thing. He weighs only 185 pounds, so you have to be careful, don’t touch him, or it’s a foul,” Jordan was quoted post-game.

Being two of the best shooting guards in the East at the time, the pair went on to face each other numerous times during that stretch. Jordan and the Bulls, however, always got the better of Miller and the Pacers.

The coup de grace came in the 1998 season, as seen in “The Last Dance.” Chicago eliminated Indiana in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.