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League rescinds two of Russell Westbrook’s technical fouls

russell westbrook
Mark D. Smith/USA TODAY Sports

He may still be leading the NBA with the most technical fouls this year, but Russell Westbrook‘s total for the season was reduced to nine after two of them have been rescinded recently by the league office.

The two that were overturned from the Oklahoma City Thunder superstar were one slapped on him November 14 against the Detroit Pistons and against the Phoenix Suns on December 17.

The development certainly helps Westbrook since he will have more cushion now before facing a warning or suspension as players are automatically suspended after they are called for their 16th technical foul.

It will also lighten what he owes the league in fines since players pay $2,000 each for their first five technicals, $3,000 each for their 6th to 10th and $4,000 each for any more beyond that.

The five-time All-Star becomes the 8th player this season that has seen a technical foul called against them rescinded by the league joining Blake Griffin, Ed Davis, Bismack Biyombo, DeMarcus Cousins, Wesley Matthews, Mason Plumlee, and Richard Jefferson.

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