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Bronny James reaches 100K followers in 51 minutes thanks to LeBron James’ shout-out

Bronny James, LeBron James

LeBron James’ eldest son, Bronny James Jr., is starting to gain popularity on social media.

He recently created an Instagram account and was able to get 100,000 followers less than an hour after his father gave him a shout-out.

Bronny is just 14 years old and he’s still in high school, but starting an Instagram account with 100k followers will play a key role in his career. His father has used social media to share his opinion about pressing matters including racism and politics in the United States, and it inspired other athletes to voice out their sentiments as well.

Of course, Bronny doesn’t have to worry about that just yet. All he needs to do right now is study and dominate AAU. But it will only be a couple of years before he goes to college, where he is expected to be a five-star prospect.

It is expected that Bronny will be in a lot of pressure from here moving forward, as there are people who will immediately compare him to his father. LeBron James is one of the greatest players to ever play the game of basketball, which means that Bronny will almost have to be perfect in order for him to overcome his father’s legacy.

LeBron has done a great job of keeping his kids away from the media, and he will be a great help for Bronny as he starts to build his career not only as an athlete but also as a prominent figure.